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    Virtual Concierge For The Unemployed

    COVID19 has changed the way we live and work for the foreseeable future and has challenged the American workforce system in ways that many of us could never imagine.  The shear volume of impacted workers filing for unemployment has overwhelmed the systems put in place to provide a safety net for the American Worker and the youth that represent our future workforce.  Social distancing and health concerns has placed a unique focus on organizations transitioning to online services / operations which presents numerous challenges for on the job training programs like Washington, DC's Marion Barry Summer Youth Employment Program (MBSYEP) designed to provide youth ages 16-24 with an introduction to the workforce. 

    Economic shocks, like what we are experiencing as a result of COVID19, are often the root cause of economic downturns and recessions.  Recognizing this challenge, Kinetic Potential has focused its WIOA project teams on developing solutions that expand the capacity of the American workforce system, provides direct support to the unemployed and is accomplished virtually.  How is this achieved during what most would consider the largest exogenous shock to the American economy since the great depression?   

    Today we're very proud to showcase Kinetic Potential's Virtual Summer Youth Employment Program and  how our youngest WIOA Team Members are helping us fulfill this objective. This presentation represents each of these individuals' first week on the job and for many, it was actually their first day on the job!


    While we think our KP Interns and KP Apprentices are absolutely remarkable, we also recognize that we may not be 100% objective so we thought it prudent to invite a few judges to provide a third party assessment of our youth's presentation.  Take a look for yourself to see how our team held up under the scrutiny of Mr. Lee Thompson, District of Columbia's Department of Employment Services, Mr. Rahman Ali Buggs, Redsummer TV and Mr. Phillip Lartigue, The Arc DC. 



    Our team has taken the input from the judges and they are hard at work as we speak advancing their plans for KP's Virtual Concierge services for the unemployed and we need additional judges to challenge the team's analysis and assess if the they should move forward with their plans or if they have missed the mark and should terminate their efforts.  The WIOA Workforce team will provide 2 weekly updates on Tuesday's and Thursday's from 9am-10am through July 30th on their progress and we welcome professionals from our workforce system, technologists, marketing professionals and the unemployed themselves to help us evaluate our approach and new Virtual Concierge services.  

    To volunteer to serve as a judge or if you simply want to join us an "audience member" to observe our zoom call please complete the following survey to indicate your interest and availability:

    We look forward to hearing from you and collectively we can change the game so #Everyonecangopro!.

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